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NYSE and NYSE MKT to Introduce Self-Trade Prevention Service

04 Feb 2013

Pending SEC approval, the New York Stock Exchange and NYSE MKT will introduce a new service, Self Trade Prevention (STP), which will enable firms to better manage their order flow and prevent unintended executions with themselves. In this phase of the service, STP would be available for limit orders only. Market orders, stop orders, GTCs and MTS IOC orders and orders sent to Floor brokers that have the STP modifiers will be rejected. There are no fees associated with the use of this identifier beyond the approved Exchange transaction fees.

For additional details on how your firm may take advantage of this new service, please refer to the client notification link below. For technical details, please refer to the NYSE UTPDirect API Specification version 1.13 dated 2/01/2013 or NYSE Common Customer Gateway (CCG) Specification version 5.5 dated 2/01/2013.

The NYSE User Acceptance Test environment will be available beginning or about February 25th. For technical questions and/or testing arrangements, please contact Firm Testing Services at 1-888-689-7739 Option 2 or send an email to Firmtesting@nyx.com. Additional details regarding testing availability and exact implementation dates will be distributed under a separate customer notification.

For additional business questions or comments, please contact your Relationship Manager or one of the contacts below:

Robert Airo rairo@nyx.com 212.656.5663
Michael Paulyson mpaulyson@nyx.com 212.656.2721

FIX Specification

UTPDirect Specification

STP Customer Notice

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