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Matching Engine Upgrade: Universal Trade Platform (UTP) to replace NYSE Display Book® (DBK)

13 Aug 2012

Continuing our drive to streamline and integrate trading systems across our global equities and derivatives markets for the benefit of our customers, NYSE Euronext will introduce the new Universal Trading Platform (UTP) for our U.S.-based NYSE and NYSE MKT cash equities markets.

UTP replaces the NYSE’s matching engine, Display Book (DBK®), and supporting database Super Display Book (SDBK). UTP provides a core standardized matching engine technology platform across all NYSE Euronext markets and is already in place at NYSE ARCA, NYSE Euronext Cash, NYSE Liffe, and NYSE Amex and ARCA Options. With UTP, clients can expect lower latency and higher throughput. In addition, it provides the flexibility to offer new order types and services in a more timely fashion in the future.

Migration to UTP is targeted to begin at the end of the 3rd quarter of 2012 on a symbol by symbol basis, continuing through the 4th quarter. Additional notices will be provided detailing the deployment schedule with detailed lists of symbols as are planned to be migrated.

Customers are not required to make any systemic changes in support of this effort, however they may optionally take advantage of a new Minimum Trade Size order type that will be activated at the completion of the migration to UTP as well as a new optional service, on a mnemonic basis, that will return Cumulative Executed Quantity and Average price on report and report corrections. Additionally customers should be aware of minor enhancements to order, report and cancel processing detailed in the technical document linked below.

Firm Testing Opportunities:

The UTP matching engine will be available in the NYSE User Acceptance Testing (UAT) facility for firms the week of August 18th, 2012 to test the new functionality and regression test existing functionality. Customers wishing to take advantage of this service should contact firmtesting@nyx.com or 888.689.7739 Option 2 for further information.

Contact Information:

For any business questions concerning this notice, please contact your NYSE Relationship Manager or:

Bob Airo rairo@nyx.com 212.656.5663
Michael Paulyson mpaulyson@nyx.com 212.656.2721

Reference Documents:

Technical Changes in Support of UTP
Post Trade Notice 178 NYSE Comparison Update – Anonymity Indicator “ANON/8602”

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