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Broker OATS MPID Requirements

14 Oct 2011

Effective October 17, 2011, the NYSE and NYSE Amex will require Member Organizations that route orders (and cancel/replacement requests) to the NYSE Broker Systems to populate their firm’s Market Participant Identifier (“MPID”) as prescribed in the Common Customer Gateway informational memo dated June 7, 2011, subject “CCG Support for Market Participant ID (MPID) for Broker OATS Reporting”. In addition, when entering orders manually into the Broker Booth Support System, Floor brokers must include the sending firm’s MPID.

MPID Requirements:
•If you have been assigned an MPID (NYSE members, FINRA-only members, NASDAQ members), the MPID must be populated on your order flow directed to the floor broker systems
      •For orders sent electronically to CCG, Tag 109 must contain the MPID
      •For BBSS local order entry, the MPID must be entered in the QOE (Quick Order Entry) or Classic screen
•If you are a non-broker-dealer and therefore do not have a MPID, your order flow directed to the floor broker systems must not contain an MPID.
      •For orders sent electronically to CCG, Tag 109 should not be included
      •For BBSS local order entry, leave the MPID field blank in the QOE and Classic screen.

Note: If you do not populate the MPID field with the correct value, your order will be accepted, but it may result in an erroneous OATS submission. NYSE systems will only validate that the MPID is alpha/numeric and doesn’t exceed four characters.

Please contact your Relationship Manager or one of the below contacts should you have any further business questions:

•Robert Airo rairo@nyx.com 212-656-5663
•Mike Rutigliano mrutigliano@nyx.com 212-656-4679

For any CCG Technical questions, please contact Firm Testing at 1-888-689-7739 or send an e-mail to firmtesting@nyx.com.

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