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LOF/LOR Elimination

22 Jun 2010

On or about September 24, 2010, the NYSE will eliminate the Limit Order Reconciliation Service and the Open Order Report. This service has been replaced by the inclusion of all NYSE and NYSE Amex Good Till Cancel (GTC) order activity on the Enhanced Merged Order Log Output. This enhancement, implemented on June 11th, 2010, provides member firms with a comprehensive listing of all their open, filled and cancelled GTC order activity on the Merged Order Log file and print-image report. Please reference NYSE Euronext Trading Technology Information Circular, Post Trade Notice 164 “Merged Order Log Output Redesign” dated December 7, 2009 (revised March 3, 2010) for details.

As a result of this change, the NYSE will discontinue the Limit Order Reconciliation Service, which comprises Member Firm/Service Bureau Datatrak input from firms (Datatrak Input SYSID 28441) and Autoroute Output in both File and print-image format (Autoroute Product IDs 06240532 & 06240512 respectively).

In addition the NYSE will discontinue the print-image version of the Open Order Report (Autoroute Product ID 06010610), which is a listing of all Open GTC Orders.

Member Firms now receive all their Open Order information on the MOL Output, and may elect to perform Open Order reconciliation against their own internal records. In addition, the MOL Output supports expanded order and report quantities, which LOR and the Open Order Report do not.

PT 170 - LOF/LOR Elimination

PT 164 - Merged Order Log Output Redesign

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