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NYSE Alternext U.S. (NYSE/Amex Integration) – FIX Message Formatting

04 Aug 2008

As previously announced in NYSE Trader Update Notice of upcoming NYSE system changes to support the NYSE/Amex Integration (NYSE Alternext U.S.)", Amex Equities will be migrated onto the NYSE Trading Platform in the September 2008 timeframe. The Amex Auction and Electronic Market Integration system (AEMI) currently supports FIX protocol version 4.4. Upon completion of the Amex Equities migration to the NYSE Trading platform, incoming FIX messages must conform to the currentNYSE Fix 4.2 specification or NYSE FCS protocol formats.For more detailed information regarding NYSE version FIX4.2 and the Amex migration see the NYSE FIX Specification version 3.5.1 and the Integration & Connectivity Notice links provided below.

NYSE Alternext U.S. Trading System (NYSE/Amex Integration) CMS Integration & Connectivity Notice

NYSE Fix Specification & User Guide version 3.5.1

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